Water Heater Energy Saving

There are several ways to save on your water heating bill so you can spend less money, learn how to do it here!

There are many ways to save on your water heating bill, so the expensive cost spend for the heater can be reduced effectively. When homeowner using the best tankless water heater, they will pay for the water to heat as well as the energy used to heat it. It is possible that the cost spends for the water heater is the second largest energy expense in the home. Thus we will give you some smart moves which you can use so you can make a pretty substantial saving.

Ways to save on your water heating bill

1. Lower the temperature

Check the temperature setting on trip to your basement and inspect the thermostat. If you see the temperature set at more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit then lower it back. You will save around 3 to 5 percents by doing so plus you will reduce the risk of your family getting burn.

2. You should use less hot water

You need to start to use less hot water from now, for example you can start to wash the laundry with cold water instead hot or warm water. You can also take a short shower than soaking yourself in warm bath. Think about the way you used to use hot water and examine your daily routine to find opportunities to reduce hot water usage.

3. Fix the leaks

You should check any faucets and see whether there are any leaks and fix them as soon as possible because consider this: slow leak flow out of your leaky faucets can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water each year. Moreover, if the leaks coming from the water heater tap then it means you are not only paying for the wasted water but also the energy it takes to heat the water.

4. Install a timer on the water heater

It will be so wasteful for the heat water that you are not going to use. To prevent it, you can install a timer on the water heater so you can program and set it to turn off when you are sleeping or when you are going to work. Furthermore, if your house located in an area that charges higher electric rates during peak hours then you can set the timer to turn off the water heater during those times which going to be a very smart move.

5. Insulate both of the pipes and water heater

Insulate the first three feet of water pipes will allow you to reduce the heat and this is a simple trick that you can try. But you should do it right and carefully especially if you have a gas water heater. You need to make sure that you insulate at least six inches from the flue. Moreover, if you have old water heater then the insulation maybe does not work well anymore so you can cover the heater with new insulation. This is also a part of maintaining the water heater.

Those some ways to save water heater cost and we hope the simple tricks work well to spend less energy and money in the future.

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